High Pressure Oxygen Room

There are about 60 trillion cells in our body and they all need oxygen for performing certain activities. A human’s circulatory system – arteries, arterioles and capillaries – is 100,000 km if it is stretched out, enough to go around the world twice. Respiration brings oxygen into blood vessels wherein it is transported with hemoglobin throughout the body. However, “hemoglobin-bound oxygen” is not transported into capillaries (smallest blood vessel: 5 to 10 micrometers in diameter) that are smaller than the size of hemoglobin. High pressure oxygen room increases atmospheric pressure that, in turn, increases the solubility of oxygen in blood plasma and lymphatic fluid. This so-called “dissolved oxygen” is diffused to activate cells of body parts where “hemoglobin-bound oxygen” does not reach. This way, the device helps in quick recovery from hard training and injury. It is also known to bring positive results in the treatment of various diseases including diabetes. The most advanced and reliable Japanese lineup is available now in UAE. Customized request is very welcomed. For more information,..click here

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